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14:35, 20 Сентября 2023

Arizona servers RP provide many exciting opportunities for gamers. However, sometimes players may encounter various problems when trying to connect to the server. One of the most common is the error “Connecting Slot is busy.” In this article we will consider why this mistake can arise and how to avoid it.

Causes of error “Connection slot”

1. Anti DDOS API system blocking

The first reason why the “Connection Slot is busy” may occur is blocking the Anti DDOS API system due to the use of the Fastonnect. In this case, it is recommended to take the following steps:

1.1 Restore the router/Mobile Internet/Access point

To change the IP address and avoid blocking, you can try to restart your router, mobile Internet or access point. Usually the lock lasts no more than three hours.

1.2 download a fix for launcher

You can also download a special fix for launcher, which will help to avoid blocking. Just follow the following link: download .

2. Unstable Internet connection

The second frequent cause of the error “Connection Slot” is an unstable Internet connection. In this case, the solution to the problem may be as follows:

2.1 buy a normal Internet

If you have an unstable Internet connection, then perhaps it is worth considering the option of acquiring a more stable Internet connection.

2.2 Find a place with the best signal reception

Sometimes Internet problems can occur due to poor signal receipt. In this case, try finding a place where the signal will be better to catch.

Ответ Карла Джонсона

What is Fastonnect?

Fastonnect — This is a method of connecting to a server with minimal delays. It can cause an Anti DDOS API system blocking, as described above.

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