How does the LED-TV work?

14:28, 20 Сентября 2023

Modern TVs have become much more advanced than their predecessors, thanks to the use of new technologies. One of the most popular and innovative developments in the world of television is LED technology. In this article, we will consider how the LED-televisor works, and discuss the possible problems related to illumination of illumination, as well as ways to solve them.

How LED technology works in TV

LED technology (LED lighting) is the evolution of traditional LCD TVs. Instead of using cold cathode lamps (CCFL) to illuminate the screen, LED-televisors use LEDs that illuminate the screen brighter and more efficiently. There are two main types of LED backing:

  • edge-lit (with backlighting at the edges): LEDs are located around the edges of the screen. The light spreads from the edge to the center of the screen through special optical panels.
  • direct-lit (full-sized universal LED lighting of the TV ): LEDs are located behind the entire screen panel. This technology allows you to more accurately control the brightness of different sections of the screen.
  • Problems with illumination in LED-TVs and their solutions

  • Frightening of the backlight and the appearance of stains: in some cases, LEDs in the backlight can burn out, which leads to uneven backlight and the appearance of bright or dark spots on the screen.
  • The image is darkened: burned out LEDs can also cause a loss of brightness and dark the image on the screen.
  • Solving the problem with the illumination in LED-TV

    When there are problems with illumination in LED-television, replacing burned out LEDs or all backlighting can be necessary. In such cases, the LEDTV online store provides a wide selection of high-quality components for replacement. You can easily find a suitable backlight for your TV model on their website. Also, to obtain additional information and consultations, you can contact them by number 0-800-301-081 .


    LED technology in TVs brought a significant improvement to the image quality and energy consumption efficiency. However, like any technology, there is the possibility of breakdowns. Similarity of LEDs in the backlight can lead to uneven backlight and loss of image quality. Replacing the backlight-a real solution to the problem, and the online store https: // -HISOROV -HISOROSENSE-32 < /a> provides you with the opportunity to purchase high -quality Components and get a consultation by number 0-800-301-081 to return the brightness and quality to your TV.

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