How to make money on renting?

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The system of renting vehicles and accessories in the SAMP game on the Arizona RP server can be a good way to earn money. You will need to purchase vehicles and accessories that will be in demand by other players on the server.

How is the rental of transport arranged?

To find a client for renting a vehicle, you can use advertising in the media (/ad), vip chat (/vr) or in telegram chats. Often players personally write ads about the desire to rent vehicles or accessories, but you can write yourself that you rent trucks, planes or accessories.

Rental with the help of parking lots.

Parking lots have appeared on the Arizona RP server where the parking owner can leave his transport so that other players can easily rent this transport. When the transport is installed in the parking lot, the player only needs to approach the plane and rent it using the “N” button. The price is indicated on the sign in front of the transport and the number of hours is indicated by the player himself when renting.

Renting with a sign.

When renting out a sign, you need to personally meet with a player who wants to rent a transport for work or accessories from you and offer him to rent something from you.

To rent a vehicle, you need to go to /cars, select transport, select “rent”, fill in the menu that opens according to the form: player id, price of one hour, number of hours.

To rent accessories, you need to open the inventory, click on the item, select rent, then enter the player id, then the price, then the number of hours.

After these actions, the player will have your offer in the list of offers. You can open the offer window by using the /offer command or the “X” key.

How to make money on renting accessories?

You will need to purchase accessories that are in demand among players. The most popular accessories for rent are super pickaxe, super rake, skate, halo on the hill and sets +16 for damage or defense.

Which accessories are well rented.

Super rake and super pickaxe give 2 times more resources and accelerate the collection / extraction by 2 times, the cost of renting a rake is about $ 200,000 per hour and a pickaxe is about $ 500,000.

The skate is rented for $ 100,000 per hour and civil aviation pilots take it to get from the plane to the dispatcher’s booth faster to take a new flight sheet.

Sets +16 are rented by capters of fam territories, an hour of renting such sets costs from $ 2.000.000 to $ 3.000.000.

How to make money on renting out transport?

You will need to purchase vehicles from the players that will be rented. The most popular transport for this is custom trucks, buses, planes, dft-30. Next, you will be able to put this transport in a special parking lot for passive rental or search for players personally and offer them to rent your transport.

In order to rent the transport more expensive, I advise you to install modifications. A win-win option will be the Twin Turbo 2 level. But if you have a small budget, then you can put a level 1 Twin Turbo on airplanes and red details for improving the engine, suspension, brakes and the rest on cars.

What jobs require custom transport?

  • Trucker.

    In this job, you will need to move from the trucker’s base to the players’ businesses and deliver raw materials to replenish the businesses’ warehouses.

  • Taxi driver.

    When working as a taxi driver, you will need to transport players from point A to point B.

  • Civil aviation pilot.

    Pilots fly between the airports of San Fiero, Las Venturas, San Andreas.

  • Food delivery man.

    Grocery trucks purchase products at the wholesale base of grocery trucks and then replenish the warehouses of shops, stalls or snack bars.

  • Oil carriers.

    Players who are engaged in the transportation of oil barrels on land transport, farm donat currency. For each barrel they will receive 1 AZ of net profit.

    Bus driver

  • After choosing a flight, you will need to drive through checkpoints, along the entire route.

What kind of transport is available for rent?


This transport is needed to transport oil to the port. On the dft-30, it is necessary to install modifications to increase the speed, because players can be robbed while working. The average rental cost is $700,000 per hour.

Custom trucks.

The most popular transport among trucks for the work of a trucker is the MAN TGS car. The average rental cost is $500,000 per hour.

Custom buses.

Bus workers dislike two-storey buses, any others are good for rent. The average rental cost is $500,000 per hour.

Custom aircraft.

There are 2 types of players, real estate hunters and regular pilots. Hunters want to rent a Vestra TT2 or Jet 60.

Vestra and Jet 60 have the smallest wingspan, which is why it is convenient to park in the narrow streets of GTA cities. A distinctive feature of the Jet 60 is the ability to accelerate up to 475km per hour.

Ordinary pilots can rent any custom aircraft, a significant advantage will be the presence of a skate and a TT1 or TT2 modification.

The average rental price for regular players is $1,500,000 per hour. And hunters can rent more expensive if promising real estate or a rare business flies off.

Custom cars and helicopters.

Custom cars and custom helicopters can be rented by taxi drivers to get passengers to their destination faster. There must be a taxi checker on your transport and tuning the engine of your transport will be a significant advantage.

It is very rare to rent transport for taxi work, in theory you can rent $ 200,000 per hour.

Custom food truck.

Custom food trucks can accommodate more products than standard ones. They are very rarely rented, mostly tenants are business owners in the pop of the card. The average rental cost is $600,000 per hour.

What are the restrictions on the rental of transport?

If you rent a vehicle, you will not be able to use it. You can rent up to 5 vehicles at most, all vehicles remain loaded on the server, so you will not be able to load the sixth transport.

How much can you earn on renting?

Having 2 aircraft with TT, 2 skate, 2 dft FT, the following figures are obtained:

I rent planes from 3 days. The cost of renting one plane turns out to be 5,000,000 $ per day + skate 2,400,000 $ per day.

Then the DFT is handed over, for 3 days as before for $ 15.000.000.

I rent a pickaxe for $ 10.000.000 for 3 days.

By logging into the game once every 3 days and renting everything out, you get an income of $ 55,000,000 in three days, or $ 18,500,000 per day.

A total of $2,400,000,000 was spent on the purchase of a fleet of vehicles and accessories.

Payback period is 140 days.

If you rent transport by the hour and not for days, then there are the following figures:

DFT – 700k per hour. 17.000.000$

The plane is 1.5kk per hour. $ 36.000.000 per day.

Pickaxe 500 per hour. $12,000,000 per day.

As a result, having 2 dft, 2 aircraft, 1 pickaxe – in one day you will earn: $ 118,000,000 and the cost recovery will be 20 days!

Ответ Карла Джонсона

How to rent a car and planes on Arizona RP?

Type the command /cars in the chat, select a vehicle from the list, select “Rent”.

How to rent accessories on Arizona RP?

Open the inventory on Y and click on the item, click on the Rent/Rent item.

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